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…and then, there were 15.

“Each day got thru means one or two less mistakes remain to be made.” Our cast keeps getting smaller. Hopefully it has now stabilized. It started one night when Jason (playing Molokov) told the stage manager that he was “going to get a drink of water” and then never came back. That was his way of leaving the show. Note to fellow actors out there – there are better ways to leave a show. Even if you don’t care about working at that particular theatre in the future, take it from a guy who married a stage manager: directors and stage managers talk to each other. It is very easy to get on the “blacklist” with several theatres with just a few emails.
Anyway… Michael moved into the role of Molokov, and I moved into the role of Nikolai. So, I get a little more stage time and couple of solo singing lines, including one of my favorite lines in the show. It’s the little things in life, right?
One other person I guess had some health issues and Brooke had some Equity issues that weren’t resolved. Going to miss her. Damn unions!
For more info on the show, check out MMT’s web site.

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