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Taking a break…

Did a couple of auditions recently, but I have no upcoming shows. The first was for Urinetown with Heritage Theatre Co. I didn’t really expect to get the coveted role of “Bobby Strong,” but I did have a glimmer of “Hope” when I was called back to sing and read for “Officer Lockstock.” Those were the only two roles I put down that I would accept, because I knew that I would also be auditioning for…
Guys and Dolls at Morris Park is another story. I really thought I had an almost certain shot at the role of “Nicely-Nicely Johnson” – I would have also accepted “Nathan Detroit” but I still think I’m too young for that role. But neither of those were in the cards. Frankly, I’m a little confused. Not to sound too much like a diva, but knowing that I have a pretty good relationship with the theatre, the director and the choreographer, and I’d like to think that I’m very qualified for the role… I really thought I had it. It’s not like I can blame this one on needing to lose some weight either – “Nicely” has the running gag of food obsession. A few friends were also rather surprised. Hopefully whoever they did cast is fabulous. If I see the show and their “Nicely” sucks, I’m really going to wonder what happened. Oh well, that leaves more time to work on the Stickney Project

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