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4 Gigs, Baby!

I friend of mine at one point had this for his email signature:
“Live for beauty, work for peace, die for love.
Kill for more RAM.”
If anyone has used Aperture to edit hundreds (or thousands) of RAW images, I’m sure they’d agree. But, alas, RAM for the Mac Pro is rather spendy. Something about “fully buffered” and “error correction” and of course, thermal dynamics. You see, the FB-DIMMs that the Apple has spec’d for the Mac Pro are not just fast and have advanced features like error correction… they also have ginormous heat sinks on each side of the chip. A lot of people complained about the noise level of the Power Mac G4 and G5 models – a certain series of the G4 towers earned the nickname “Windtunnel G4.” So, to keep the fan noise and heat down in the Mac Pro, we have huge heat sinks.
But, I digress… When I first bought the Mac Pro, I knew that 1Gb wouldn’t be sufficient, but the price jump from 2Gb to 4Gb (or higher) was rather insane, so I started off with 2Gb. Luckily, being an Apple employee has some perks. I can get some pretty decent discounts… no, not on Apple RAM (unless it’s bundled in a machine), but some companies just like giving discounts to Apple employees. I’m OK with that. Kingston memory has by far the best deal I’ve seen. Their retail prices are a bit higher than Crucial and RamJet, but their Apple discount is about 50% off. Sign me up! Two 1Gb stick arrived today and I installed them in probably less than 1 minute – fantastic case design! So, now I have 4Gb… and still two open slots. My goal is 6Gb when prices come down more… someday. For now, we’ll see how much of a difference this makes.

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