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Stickney… belated update…

Decisions, decisions…
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Another delayed update. Hey, I never said I was good at this blog thing. Anyway… a lot of stuff has happened. Dan and Dennis finished installing the carpet in the basement, family room and stairs. Robert and his crew have all but the final row of hardwood down. The plumber was in to connect four sinks and a toilet – he’ll be back tomorrow to attach the dishwasher, fridge (ice maker) and washing machine. Mike (the electrician) is coming tomorrow to check my work and then the inspector will come by and do the same. The “final” city inspection is scheduled for Thursday – then the sign can come off the door! Over the weekend we rinsed off all of the slate tiles (it’s amazing how dirty rocks can be) and tonight Shawnee and I got over half of the tile down in the front entry. Hopefully we can get the rest done between my jobs tomorrow. Oh, almost forgot… the dumpster left today to make room for the POD. But, for some reason, they thought we wanted another dumpster. Arg! Oh well, hopefully it will go away tomorrow.

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