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Bowers and Wilkins

OK, so it’s not the ideal setup, but I couldn’t wait to play with my new (to me) B&W 602 S2 speakers. Wow. That’s all I can say. These aren’t the current model, and they certainly aren’t anywhere near B&W’s top- (or even mid-) range speakers, but they are probably the best sounding bookshelf speakers this side of $500 that one is likely to come across. The current model equivalent retails for $800/pair. Thanks to ebay, and the community of people who take good care of their stuff, I paid well under half that price. The guy I bought them from is upgrading to the 804’s – nice. He also has the matching center channel LCR6 S2 for sale and I’ve called dibs on it, pending arrival of his HTM4s to replace it. Given the good condition of these and the way they sound, I think we have a deal. I put them through the paces with my usual test material: A little Mandy Patinkin, some TMBG, the required John Williams and of course Al. Extremely clear was Patinkin’s tenor and the subtleties of the Empire score, while John and John’s So Loud In Here and Al’s Hardware Store rocked the house with ample bass and fantastic stereo imaging. I’m also shopping for some ceiling mountable surround speakers like the CDS6 to complete the home theatre setup. Now, I really need to finish the TV stand so that I can put it all together…

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