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He did Albuquerque!

Sorry this took forever to get on the blog… But had to mention the “Weird Al” Yankovic concert. Awesome as usual! The man has so much energy. Although a lot of the new songs are parodies of a genre that just doesn’t interest me, they are still funny, even if I don’t know the tune. And his live show is a good mix of the old and new. Comcast digital cable subscribers can see his video “Trapped in the Drive Thru” for free in the music video section of OnDemand. Just make sure you have 12 minutes to kill! Al deviated from tradition and didn’t close with “Yoda” (first time ever, as far as I know – or at least since 1992). Instead he had it close to the end, but closed the regular set with “Fat” (pictured above), then came back out for an encore of what we were all waiting for: “We All Have Cell Phones, So Come On, Let’s Get Real!” WTF? Then, he did “Albuquerque!” OMG, was that cool. On the last tour, he only did that song in one place… I’ll let you guess where. It’s got to be rough on his voice, but it was so cool. The guy next to me was sure that I had recently been let out from the mental ward for actually knowing all of the words. Well, except for the extra donuts that he added…
Also of note, we saw Dennis DeYoung at the Fair. Now, I’ve seen Styx without Dennis and Dennis doing the music of Styx. He IS the mod-ren man…

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