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They Might Be up late…

took the First Avenue stage on Monday night for a late show. It worked out since I was working late at College Press and got downtown in the middle of the opening act – a 2-man band from Ireland called Oppenheimer. They were decent (a lot better than Corn Mo), but John, John and the band of Dans didn’t take the stage until after 10, so it was well after midnight when they finished. Oh well… to be young and stupid for just a bit longer! Other than the obligatory pot shot at our president, it was a really fun show. They opened with their venue song “FIrst Avenue Stage” and then went right into “Birdhouse…” They didn’t do James K. Polk, instead opting to launch confetti during their encore with “Dr. Worm”. Saw a couple people I know (hi to Amanda and Brian), but I found that drunk girls are very annoying when they dance into you repeatedly. Maybe I’m getting old.

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