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This elevator has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down…

It’s oh-so comforting to know that the elevators in the hospital are running Windows! Yikes. Anyway, we had a little scare last night, but everything is alright. You see, Shawnee is supposed to count how many times the baby moves in an hour, roughly an hour or two after dinner. If the baby doesn’t move 10 times, she’s supposed to call into the OB clinic. Last night was only 4 so she called in and was told to go to the hospital. So, into the car we went. But which hospital and where? Another phone call and three transfers later we found out where to go at Fairview Southdale. We got a little worried when it took the nurse a couple of minutes to find Mac’s heartbeat, but then everything was OK after an hour of monitoring. The nurse called our doctor to follow up, and then came in to give Shawnee a shot to settle down some of the contractions she has been having. Fine, but then we had to stay another hour and a half to monitor that the meds were working right and there was no reaction. Everything was fine, but it meant that we got home very late.

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