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Long Time, No Post…

OK, so I’m really not so good at this updating thing. Let’s see, we had a baby, but you knew that. We hosted Thanksgiving for our parents and my brother, so we didn’t have to drive. For Christmas, we did our usual driving all over the state to visit family, and still managed to host Christmas Eve Squared for our friends (though the weather dampened attendance, it did not dampen our spirits!); we got Bob married off (congrats!); I sang at Beanie’s Little Christmas party; Shawnee went back to work and we’ve been putting lots of miles on. Shawnee’s cousin provides free daycare, but she lives up in St. Michael. It’s a haul, but we know who is watching our baby, so for now, it’s worth it.
But, life hasn’t been completely fun either. Shawnee’s Dad recently made it public that he has prostate cancer. Last Monday, he had surgery that was going to result in either removal of the prostate, or detection of cancer in the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, it was the latter. So, the surgery was easier, but now he is going to undergo radiation and hormone treatment. Please keep Dennis, Tracy and their family in your prayers. Natalie gave us a little scare last weekend too. What was a little cough, ended up giving her fits and she was having breathing trouble, so we took her into the hospital in Duluth, and she tested positive for RSV – a virus with cold and fever symptoms. They kept her (and Shawnee) overnight to watch her oxygen levels and make sure her breathing was OK. She’s doing much better now, but they tell us the cough could linger for several weeks.
I’m sure I missed many noteworthy events, but we’ll just have to let that pass for now. Oh, I finally got the home theater together. Let us know if you want to come over for a movie. I will be canceling the Blockbuster subscription as soon as my AppleTV arrives!

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