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Typographers against Obama!

Does no one care about good looking type anymore? About consistency of image? Building a brand identity? It should be noted that this is not the “official” bumper sticker, but I have seen plenty of these around town on the back of Prius’ (or is it Prii?) and the like. So, if you needed more reasons not to vote for Barry, look no further than the backwards apostrophe on ’08. Not only is it ugly, it’s just plain WRONG… you know, the opposite of right. In case that’s hard to see, I’ll blow it up:

Correct: ’08 Incorrect: ‘08
The apostrophe should point toward (or be “open” in the direction of) the missing letters from the abbreviation. In the spirit of fairness, I should note that there is plenty of knock-off McCain/Palin merch floating around the tubes with the incorrect apostrophe as well. So, I guess the lesson learned here is that if you are going to support a candidate by defiling your car, be it SUV or hybrid, make sure that somebody proofread it first!
…and yes, I know that Toyota considers the plural form of Prius to be just “Prius” – like the plural of deer or shirmp. Unless you are a certain famous chef, then it’s “shrimps!”

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