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Beautiful aluminum and glass…

OK, I’m sold. I know, easy sale. Shawnee’s 12” PowerBook has served us well, but the hard drive is nearing capacity and Leopard needs more room to breathe than the 512Mb of RAM allows. Sure, we could upgrade the memory to 1.25Gb, but that would be like putting new tires on a car that you are about to replace anyway… well, we’re probably going to actually do that, so perhaps that’s not the best analogy. But, nonetheless, I expect to exercise my employee discount before the end of the year one of the new MacBooks. My only gripe is that the aluminum MacBook dropped the FireWire port. I think I can get over that. MacWorld’s benchmarks show the new systems easily twice as fast as a PowerBook 1.67GHz, which is slightly faster than what we have now and was equipped with 2Gb of RAM for testing.

Pretty, aren’t they?

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