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Dodged a data-recovery bullet…

seagate_barracuda_7200_10_sataBack up early, back up often… and then make another backup. Last week one of my internal hard drives died. As in: catastrophic hardware failure. But, that’s OK because I have an external drive that constantly backs up. Except, that drive was mysteriously dead as well – the computer just couldn’t see it and it made an odd buzzing noise. [Panic sets in.] I brought the internal drive into the Apple Store to let the guys at the bar take a look at it. Disk Warrior just laughed at me, as the drive went *click… wirrrr… click… wirrrrr… click…* Nothing. [Freaks out.] Now, allow me to temporarily freak out all of my clients – this was the drive that houses my Aperture library of images (and iPhoto as well). [Starts to feel a sense of camaraderie with Bob’s photog.] But, fear not! One of the great things about my account with Pictage is that they keep any photos I send them. Forever. And it’s super-easy for me to FTP them back to myself. So, that saves my professional work [read: saves my supple buttocks]. So, that just leaves the stuff in iPhoto. Lots of digital memories there. I talked with a data recovery service. Since I was referred by Apple, they offered to look at it for free and give me a file list of what they could recover. At that point, they would quote me anywhere from $500 to $2500 to get the data back. Ouch. How much are memories worth? Let’s take a second look at that external drive. The buzzing is coming from the power supply/brick. We have lots of those drives at the Apple Store. I brought it in and used one of their power supplies and it mounted right up. [Hallelujah Chorus!] It’s all back. Sunk a bunch of money into extra hard drives (and will soon do the same at work with their money), and researching online backup solutions, and will probably swap “off site” drives between home and work for extra redundancy.

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