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The Two Towers

Membership has its priveldeges. Every now and then you come across a deal so as to make you a fool, should you pass it up. Tonight such a deal was made at the Apple Store and a new Mac Pro found its way into my basement office. I won’t go into the specifics of the price, but let’s say that I’m fairly certain that I can nearly break even when I sell my old one. No, it’s not one of the new models announced last week. It is the “Early 2008” model that they are clearing out. This one has two, quad-core 2.8GHz Xeon processors. Not a huge jump from the 2.66 that I had, but there are 8 cores at work now instead of 4. Can’t wait for Snow Leopard! But in the meantime, Photoshop and Aperture will appreciate the breathing room. And the ATi Radeon 4870 plays nicely with this motherboard, so that will help too! So, watch for my old Mac Pro on the Bay of E someday soon…

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