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FileMaker 13!

This week, FileMaker released version 13 of its database platform. We are really excited about the new capabilities it brings and how it will help our clients.
Image courtesy of FileMaker, Inc.
The big push here is getting your data mobile. Anyone who thought that FileMaker Pro was “just a database” (or worse yet, a glorified spreadsheet *gasp!*), has been wrong for a long time… but now they are completely off base. FileMaker is moving more and more to a custom app development tool, with a big focus on iOS. New tools like popovers (sorry, no honey butter!), slide controls, and swipe gestures make a FileMaker Go solution feel closer to a native iOS app. The new WebDirect feature is intriguing… it feels like this is finally what IWP should have been all along. But the way that the Server concurrent connections are priced might find itself shutting out some soho clients that would have used IWP in the past. Time will tell.
But we are very excited to put the new features to good use, be it for iOS or desktop… or both. Contact us today to chat about how your operation could be made more efficient with a custom solution built on the FileMaker platform!

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