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Stickney… belated update…

Decisions, decisions…
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Another delayed update. Hey, I never said I was good at this blog thing. Anyway… a lot of stuff has happened. Dan and Dennis finished installing the carpet in the basement, family room and stairs. Robert and his crew have all but the final row of hardwood down. The plumber was in to connect four sinks and a toilet – he’ll be back tomorrow to attach the dishwasher, fridge (ice maker) and washing machine. Mike (the electrician) is coming tomorrow to check my work and then the inspector will come by and do the same. The “final” city inspection is scheduled for Thursday – then the sign can come off the door! Over the weekend we rinsed off all of the slate tiles (it’s amazing how dirty rocks can be) and tonight Shawnee and I got over half of the tile down in the front entry. Hopefully we can get the rest done between my jobs tomorrow. Oh, almost forgot… the dumpster left today to make room for the POD. But, for some reason, they thought we wanted another dumpster. Arg! Oh well, hopefully it will go away tomorrow.

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Stickney… More carpet and paint.

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My apologies for not posting an update daily. Some people get so bent out of shape about those things! Anyway, Dennis gave our dog back today and brought Dan along to install more carpet. The hardwood is almost done upstairs and the skirts are on the stairways. Dan and Dennis got carpet installed in the office and Shawnee painted the office, basement hallway and the “old folks home.” I had the pleasure of painting the ceilings since the primer didn’t cover enough and the mud showed through the knock-down.

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Stickney… knock-down.

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Rob got the knock-down done on the basement ceiling. He needs to stop back and sand down some of his over-spray, before we can paint the walls. Robert and his helper got more of the hardwood in place and I helped them heft the bar from the garage back into the family room. Shawnee got another room painted – the downstairs bathroom is a nice, deep red. After I was done at Apple, I stopped by to put a light in the closet and get a couple more outlets in.

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Shameless plug for

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Stickney… 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97…

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For those of you who aren’t math geeks, sorry about the bad joke. Not really an exciting post. We primed the ceiling and about half the walls in the basement tonight. Robert got some hardwood down and that is looking nice. Rob is doing knock-down on the basement ceilings tomorrow and we will paint Thursday or Friday. More to come…

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Stickney… busy weekend!

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Roxy likes the carpet…
It’s only been a few days since my last entry, but so much progress has been made! When we got into Friday, we weren’t as ready for the carpet as we had hoped. More could have been installed, but Dan recommended against it since it would slow down the other work. So, there is only carpet in the upstairs hallway and bedrooms. It is so nice! Robert had some vehicular difficulties, so he got a late start on Saturday, but he did get the family room base cabinets installed and gave the whole area a good cleanup. Amazing what a difference that can make for the morale of a project! Shawnee got a lot of painting done… She got some purple in the laundry room, some blue in the family room, some red above the fireplace and some tan in the master bath. Dennis and I got some sanding and mudding done in the basement. A little more light sanding and it should be ready for priming. Rob got another coat of the taupe in the main level, family room and upstairs hallway. He was also going to sand and mud the basement ceiling so that we can prime it on Monday or Tuesday. Dennis also took down and put up a few lights in the front entry and laundry room. Getting closer to move-in…

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Stickney… possible delays?

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OK, we are a little confused and frustrated. I talked to Robert (the contractor) last night and he mentioned that the rock/tape/mud/paint guy had a root canal go bad and they lost a day or two… but not to worry, as they would still be on schedule for Uncle Dan to install carpet this weekend. Well, tonight, Shawnee was at the house and talked to Rob (said rock/tape/mud/paint guy) and he asked if we could put off carpet install until next Wednesday or the weekend. She left a message for Robert, but he didn’t call her back yet. Guess we’ll find out in the morning…
We were on track for a move-in party on the 25th… now, we’ll see. Hope you can all make it, whenever it is!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering about why Shawnee was working on the house on V-day… I work at Apple on Wednesday nights, so we celebrated last night by going out to the Chan’ to see Easter Parade. Not a bad show, but not knock-your-socks-off-fabulous either. I also sent the traditional flowers and chocolates to her at work. I (and she) recommend ProFlowers – if you have a radio referral, you can get some better deals. I used “Beck,” but your tastes may vary.

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Stickney… Rockin’! 3 …with mud!

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Found out that we needed to rock the utility room, so we weren’t quite done hanging rock. Arg. But, at least that room doesn’t need to be pretty. Dennis brought along a surprise helper this weekend… Shawnee’s brother Phil. The extra set of hands we very appreciated. We also got mud up in the other rooms, some electrical done and Shawnee did more painting.

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4 Gigs, Baby!

I friend of mine at one point had this for his email signature:
“Live for beauty, work for peace, die for love.
Kill for more RAM.”
If anyone has used Aperture to edit hundreds (or thousands) of RAW images, I’m sure they’d agree. But, alas, RAM for the Mac Pro is rather spendy. Something about “fully buffered” and “error correction” and of course, thermal dynamics. You see, the FB-DIMMs that the Apple has spec’d for the Mac Pro are not just fast and have advanced features like error correction… they also have ginormous heat sinks on each side of the chip. A lot of people complained about the noise level of the Power Mac G4 and G5 models – a certain series of the G4 towers earned the nickname “Windtunnel G4.” So, to keep the fan noise and heat down in the Mac Pro, we have huge heat sinks.
But, I digress… When I first bought the Mac Pro, I knew that 1Gb wouldn’t be sufficient, but the price jump from 2Gb to 4Gb (or higher) was rather insane, so I started off with 2Gb. Luckily, being an Apple employee has some perks. I can get some pretty decent discounts… no, not on Apple RAM (unless it’s bundled in a machine), but some companies just like giving discounts to Apple employees. I’m OK with that. Kingston memory has by far the best deal I’ve seen. Their retail prices are a bit higher than Crucial and RamJet, but their Apple discount is about 50% off. Sign me up! Two 1Gb stick arrived today and I installed them in probably less than 1 minute – fantastic case design! So, now I have 4Gb… and still two open slots. My goal is 6Gb when prices come down more… someday. For now, we’ll see how much of a difference this makes.

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Stickney… Rockin’! 2

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Rockin’ 2… Electric Bugaloo!
With some more help from Dennis, we got the basement rocked this weekend, and just finished a night of taping and mudding. Not a fun job, but it’s looking good.

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