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Stickney… busy weekend!

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Roxy likes the carpet…
It’s only been a few days since my last entry, but so much progress has been made! When we got into Friday, we weren’t as ready for the carpet as we had hoped. More could have been installed, but Dan recommended against it since it would slow down the other work. So, there is only carpet in the upstairs hallway and bedrooms. It is so nice! Robert had some vehicular difficulties, so he got a late start on Saturday, but he did get the family room base cabinets installed and gave the whole area a good cleanup. Amazing what a difference that can make for the morale of a project! Shawnee got a lot of painting done… She got some purple in the laundry room, some blue in the family room, some red above the fireplace and some tan in the master bath. Dennis and I got some sanding and mudding done in the basement. A little more light sanding and it should be ready for priming. Rob got another coat of the taupe in the main level, family room and upstairs hallway. He was also going to sand and mud the basement ceiling so that we can prime it on Monday or Tuesday. Dennis also took down and put up a few lights in the front entry and laundry room. Getting closer to move-in…

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