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Say hello to “Mac.”

OK, so a lot has happened since I last blogged… I got some more speakers, College Press went direct-to-plate, Apple unveiled an insanely great little product that is going to revolutionize our lives, They Might Be Giants came out with a new album, we are failing miserably at trying to grow a lawn, and… oh, yeah… and we are going to have a baby!!! That’s right, Shawnee is Prego™ (“It’s in there!”).
“Baby Mac” (as named by a certain father-in-law who shall remain nameless) is now 20 (or 21, depending on who you believe) weeks along. We got to see him or her (no, we aren’t going to find out which it is) today through the miracle of ultrasound (…sounds like a movie theater surround-sound technology, doesn’t it? No, just me then. OK, I’m a geek). We also just saw and heard Mac’s heart on Tuesday when we had an ultrasound / fetal-echocardiogram done at the U of M to check out the heart – and pretty much only the heart. The good news is that everything looks, well… good! The cardiologist (in the 12 seconds we saw him) said that everything sounded good… there are no holes in the heart, but there was not enough resolution to check out the valves.

In other news… Hopefully, this will get updated more often, as I’m experimenting with some cool scripts that will allow me to add blog entries on the go… from my iPhone!

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