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So much cooler online…

Well actually, Brad Paisley was so much cooler in person! One of my Christmas gifts to Shawnee was tickets to his concert last night at the Minnesota State Fair. The three opening acts were the very talented (and hot) Kellie Pickler (pictured, right), the young songwriter Taylor Swift (Teardrops on My Guitar) and Jack Ingram (*yawn*). The three openers had pretty normal sets, then the stage was cleared and all you saw a giant black tarp about halfway back. Then, Brad’s stage appeared instantly in all of the techno-glory pictured above. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but there were screens everywhere used for video, graphics, and just general “mood” lighting. He opened with “Online” and “Mud on the Tires,” had a very touching tribute to people who have recently (and some not-so-recently) passed including images of the Shuttle Challenger, the World Trade towers and Interstate 35W – although they incorrectly dated it as 8.2.07. He did a couple acoustic songs while the band took a break and showed us some of his computer animation skills with a Speed Racer parody staring “Zoom Paisley.” The set wouldn’t be complete of course without his hit “Alcohol” (pictured below) and the evening ended with some very impressive fireworks.

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Cub Spot

Just in case you missed (or couldn’t get enough of) Shawnee on the radio, we received a CD of the Cub ad from Olson. So I thought I would put them here online for your listening pleasure. Here are the outstate and cheeseland versions of the ads. Enjoy!

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Bringing MORE to our table…

This morning we had “the voice of Cub,” and three of her cohorts in our living room recording a radio spot starring Shawnee! She saw a commercial that said to call in and tell them what she likes at Cub and they picked her to do a radio spot. For her time, she gets a $100 Cub gift card and two Hormel Always Tender Pork Tenderloins, which happen to be buy one, get one FREE this week at Cub… available in a ton of flavors like teriyaki, peppercorn, BBQ, lemon pepper, cotton candy… OK, so I made that last one up, but you’ll hear all about it Thursday on the radio. They will send us a CD of the finished ad, so I’ll post it here for you to… well, hear! Just in case you don’t hear her on the air. They said it will play on Jack 104.1, KOOL 108, 105 and a few other stations.

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Finally, a REAL use for the iPhone…

As if YouTube wasn’t enough of a waste of time… how cool is this? Super Mario Bros. (or any of the classic NES games) on your iPhone!!!

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