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AB and me!

Monday night I had the opportunity to meet Alton Brown, the host/creator/star of Good Eats on Food Network. Not a frequent viewer? Well, you should be. I’ll watch Alton even if he is working with coconut. Blech! But, he presents food in such an entertaining and informative way, that you just can’t help but expand your food knowledge. I had to work Monday at Apple… good news because it meant that I was close, but bad news because I couldn’t be there to stand in line for the book signing. My friend Minrod Mier to the rescue! He was in line and willing to get my book signed for me. At 9:15, I hadn’t seen him at the store with my book yet, so I went to investigate… As luck would have it, he was just about to the magic point in the line. So, I hopped back in, met AB, took some pictures of Minrod and his daughter Miranda, and he returned the favor – see above. I mentioned to AB that I was supposed to be working (thanks for the extra break time, Tom!) and I heard that he had been in the store earlier in the day. AB asked if I wanted him to sign my work shirt, so I took him up on it! He also shared that he would have bought a computer, but as he said, “your sales tax is too damn high.” I couldn’t agree more!

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When Mac OS X Leopard first came out, I was really excited about a feature with .Mac called “Back to My Mac.” This would let me access my home computer remotely – both to browse and copy files and to control the screen. Well, it turns out that if you don’t have a modern router, BTMM can’t punch the holes it needs through the internets to make this happen. But…
We recently moved to Leopard Server at work. I quickly got the VPN service up and running. What is a Virtual Private Network, and why is it important? Basically, it lets me create a tube through the internets directly from home (or anywhere really) to our local network at work. This allows me to access our FileMaker Server for estimating and job tracking remotely, or even do “work” on my work computer from home. It came in very handy last night finishing up the Morris Park programs for The King and I.
It also turns out that if I leave the VPN tube connected from home, it works the other way. I am typing this from work (on a break, of course) on my computer at home. Neat! Gotta love the tubes! Now, back to work…

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