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Townhouse for rent

Unfortunately, our renter has to move to Chicago, so we are searching for a new renter(s). We’ll see how much clean-up we need to do, but it should be available early-mid June. If you send us a referral that pans out, a finder’s fee may be in order… More details and some photos can be found here.
UPDATE: We are currently rented! Thanks for looking.

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Bobby Flay

So, the Food Network appears to be making the rounds at the MOA. Last weekend, Iron Chef Booby Flay was in town for his new book “Grill It!” He didn’t speak before the signing like AB did, but that’s OK… he really whipped through the line, and even started early. I asked him why AB didn’t get to try the food on Iron Chef. Bobby seemed slightly irritated that I was asking a question about a different Food Network personality, but responded “Because he doesn’t have any say it in. But, don’t worry… I feed him after the show.”

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