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Seth and Ronda sneak peek

Ronda and Seth were so much fun to work with. Shawnee and I had a great time shooting their wedding. I’m still editing through the images, but I wanted to give Seth and Ronda a sneak peek at some of my favorites so far. I just set up a new account that will let me do online print ordering, and it should go live next week. Read more to see some of the highlights from Seth and Ronda’s wedding…

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Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away!

OK, when going through some boxes a few weeks/months ago, I came across some film. You know, like 35mm… for taking pictures without a microchip? Remember? Well, anyway some of it was “new” … perhaps “unused” would be a better term? … but there was one roll of Kodachrome slide film that looked like it had been shot. So, I brought it upstairs and set it on the bar.  **time passes**  The other morning I noticed it again and I decided to drop it off at Grand Photo on my way in to work. With the new daycare dropoff, I was actually there before they opened, so I filled out one of those envelopes and put it in the night slot.  Now, my best guess is that I went digital sometime back in early ‘aught-one with the Olympus E-10, so I have NO IDEA how long it takes to develop and process film these days. So I called that afternoon to check and see when it might be ready. Once they looked up my order, I heard, “Oh, the Kodachrome? *laughing* Yeah… that takes weeks.” WEEKS?!?! It seems that no one in the state of Minnesota processes it anymore. So, it goes to their headquarters in Chicago, down to Texas (WTF?) and then back home. I’ll have to post images of whatever is on there once I do get it back…

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