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Big Meanies at Canon

Maker of totally awesome cameras, Canon has told rumor site that they must cease and/or desist. One one point I can see… they prominently used (past tense) the Canon logo in their masthead. But, they are also saying that they can’t have any Canon trademarks like “Canon,” “EOS,” etc. in their domain name. I’m no lawyer, but it seems to that if,,, and others can stay in business without Steve’s lawyers crawling up their butts, then this guy has a chance. Hopefully they don’t suffer the same fate as Mike Rowe. No, not that Mike Rowe. It’s a fun site for geeks like me that gets us excited about Canon’s upcoming warez. I can’t see how it could hurt things. Or, maybe the photo of the pink 5D Mark II just pushed them over the edge? ;^)

Also a note to say that I’m taking donations for the just announced 50D and the upcoming 5D replacement, whatever they decide to call it… but I’ll take mine in black, thank you!

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Most impressive!

OK, so I haven’t seen the new movie yet, but I do now have all of the McD’s toys. Yep, all 18 of them. Plus an extra Vader for my desk at work. The others will stay in their wrappers and will go in a box in a warehouse along with the Ark of the Covenant. If I can only remember where I put that…
Anyway, I was over half-way with my collection, then this morning I stopped to check and see which toys they had today. They had one that I needed in the bin, but then the cashier asked “What ones do you need? I’ll go bring up a case.”
Ba-da-ba ba-baaa…  I’m lovin’ it!

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Bejing’s Bird’s Nest… of death!

Ah, yes… the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.” I just couldn’t help but pick up on this after Bob posted about it… it is just too delicious. He saw it on a CNET Asia blog, who picked it up from Gizmodo. So, you’re getting your geeky news fourth-hand here, but whatareyagoonado? I love BSOD spottings. I’ve seen it in hospital elevators, a coupon vending machine at Cub foods, and various other digital signage applications. Good times!

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