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Minnesota Zephyr

Friday night, Shawnee and I celebrated the 4th anniversary of our marriage by taking a ride on the Minnesota Zephyr. It’s part dinner cruise, part dinner theatre and all nostalgia. They are once again talking about shutting down at the end of the year, so if you’ve been meaning to, now’s the time. The dinner is very nice and the singers lend some 1940’s charm. The Conductor is a sweet man with many more years of rail experience than I have roamed this globe. He took us up front to see the engineer at work as he controls the either of the 1500 or 1750 horsepower engine cars. Shawnee is blowing the whistle in the photo above. The trip takes about 3 hours to travel all of 6 miles and back, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your wine. I’m amazed that I was able to get her to the depot without guessing what I had planned, but even more amazed that this wonderful woman has stuck by my side this long, and intends to keep doing so. I count my blessings every night. I love you, Shawnee!

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It’s official…

Today Canon finally took the wraps off of the much anticipated EOS 5D Mark II, the “Destined Evolution” of the still great, but technologically aging 5D. Should ship next month, but I imagine that it will be a tough find for a while. So, that takes the temptation away from getting it for the Hutch project. And with wedding season slowing down, I don’t imagine that one of these will be in my gear bag in ’08. That will give me time to read all of the reviews and see if it is worth the wait.

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Guess where I got to shoot?

This is just a quick photo I snapped with my iPhone for myself… a far cry from the images I got with the 40D, 1D Mark II and the arsenal of lenses that Wade and I used to attack the Basilica of St. Mary for a wedding on Saturday. But, not too bad for an iPhone, considering how dark it was when I took this. Technically I was only there as a VALC (Voice Activated Light Stand™) and pack mule, but given the location (and the fact that Wade trusts me and we work well together), I did get in some shooting as well. Besides, I let him use my 70-200 f/2.8L IS lens… oh, did I mention that I bought one? Yeah, it’s nice. Hand-held shots from the back of the aisle were never so sharp. “Make sure you get the kiss,” he said as he handed it back to me. No problem.
That 135mm f/2.0L that I was looking at… on hold for a while. Gotta pay for this one first… and a 5D Mark II second? We’ll see what gets announced this week/month… Speaking of which, I’m glad to report that CanonRumors.com has reached an agreement with Canon USA that will let them keep operating with the same domain!

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ONE Remote to Rule Them All!

I finally broke down and bought ONE… the Logitech Harmony ONE, that is. It really is the bee’s knees, as the kids say. Sure, there are a lot of “universal remotes” out there that are a lot cheaper, but this is different. First of all, there are no codes to punch in. It hooks up to your computer and the software talks to Logitech’s online database of products – everything from TVs and stereos, to light dimmers. Anything with an IR receiver. But that’s just where the coolness starts. Once you tell it what you have, you then tell it how they are attached to each other and how they need to be set in order to do certain activities. Once you set it up, it sends all of that info to the remote via USB and then you pick what activity you want and it does the rest. Pick “Watch TV” and it sets the AV receiver to the correct input, turns on the TV and cable box and then it knows that the channel buttons control the cable box and the volume buttons control the receiver (or however you want it set up). Choose “Watch a DVD” and it turns off unnecessary components, turns on the DVD player, sets the correct inputs and then you’re ready to go there. Apple TV? Works great! Unique buttons show up on the touch screen on top. And you can customize things too. For instance, I added buttons for controlling the room lighting to my activities. Other cool features: the remote and screen light up, but it will go to sleep after a period of inactivity – and just picking it up or moving it wakes it up. The battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion (like a cell phone), which will keep it powered for a good week or so before it needs to sit on it’s cradle to recharge. It’s so simple that we won’t need to leave an instruction sheet for the remotes anymore when the grandparents come to stay!

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Typographers against Obama!

Does no one care about good looking type anymore? About consistency of image? Building a brand identity? It should be noted that this is not the “official” bumper sticker, but I have seen plenty of these around town on the back of Prius’ (or is it Prii?) and the like. So, if you needed more reasons not to vote for Barry, look no further than the backwards apostrophe on ’08. Not only is it ugly, it’s just plain WRONG… you know, the opposite of right. In case that’s hard to see, I’ll blow it up:

Correct: ’08 Incorrect: ‘08
The apostrophe should point toward (or be “open” in the direction of) the missing letters from the abbreviation. In the spirit of fairness, I should note that there is plenty of knock-off McCain/Palin merch floating around the tubes with the incorrect apostrophe as well. So, I guess the lesson learned here is that if you are going to support a candidate by defiling your car, be it SUV or hybrid, make sure that somebody proofread it first!
…and yes, I know that Toyota considers the plural form of Prius to be just “Prius” – like the plural of deer or shirmp. Unless you are a certain famous chef, then it’s “shrimps!”

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