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Bon Voyage!

Anything GoesThis is my weekend of working “in the cave” to put together the programs for Hutchinson High School’s spring fall musical. This year they are doing Anything Goes, which has some special meaning for me in a couple of ways. For one thing, it was the first HHS show that worked on outside of high school. That was 1996. The first year after the late, great Jeff Bentz left the helm to Jim Nelson and Steve Pasche. Anything Goes is also the show where I met the fetching Mrs. Krueger. That was 2002 with Heritage Theatre Co. I played “4th sailor from the left” and Shawnee was the stage manager. For those of you who are confused by her email address, perhaps that bit of info will clear things up… This year, we are making photos available to order – check out the link here after the show opens!

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Beautiful aluminum and glass…

OK, I’m sold. I know, easy sale. Shawnee’s 12” PowerBook has served us well, but the hard drive is nearing capacity and Leopard needs more room to breathe than the 512Mb of RAM allows. Sure, we could upgrade the memory to 1.25Gb, but that would be like putting new tires on a car that you are about to replace anyway… well, we’re probably going to actually do that, so perhaps that’s not the best analogy. But, nonetheless, I expect to exercise my employee discount before the end of the year one of the new MacBooks. My only gripe is that the aluminum MacBook dropped the FireWire port. I think I can get over that. MacWorld’s benchmarks show the new systems easily twice as fast as a PowerBook 1.67GHz, which is slightly faster than what we have now and was equipped with 2Gb of RAM for testing.

Pretty, aren’t they?

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Baby Grand Piano!

Even though she can’t quite say it, Natalie got her baby grand piano this weekend. It’s part Natalie’s birthday gift and part Shawnee’s Christmas present from Dennis and Tracy. It’s a Wurlitzer with a nice sound, but in need of some refinishing of the woodwork. I’ll start with the bench and see how that goes before I tackle the instrument itself. But, we applied some Old English that shined it up and hides a lot of the hairline cracks in the varnish. Also added to the Honey-do list is a bookshelf for all of the sheet music! It’s a perfect fit for the family room and we are just thrilled to have it in our home. Now, all of our playing friends will have to come visit and show us how it’s done!

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