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AM 1280 pictures are online

Just a quick update to let anyone interested know that the photos from Tuesday night’s AM 1280 The Patriot event are online. You can go directly to the gallery here. Guests can download low resolution files for sharing via email or posting online for free, and you can also order prints directly on the site as well.

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An evening with Bennett, Prager and Hewitt

Bennet, Prager & Hewitt Tuesday night I worked an event for local talk radio station AM1280 The Patriot called “Obama: The First 100 Days” with radio hosts Bill Bennett, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt. It was a discussion of how the first 100 days of this historic presidency have gone, and how it will effect this greatest nation on God’s green earth, if I may borrow a catch-phrase from the absent Michael Medved. An outsider might expect this to be an evening of Obama bashing, but that would be discounting the sheer intelligence and wisdom represented by the three gentlemen pictured above. Every criticism they had was backed up by logic, common sense and even history. These guys know their stuff. And they even had some points on which they commended Obama, usually something that didn’t go quite as he campaigned, but rather showing that the president is either more level-headed than we feared, or that perhaps access to higher-level intelligence and advisors have changed his tune. It was great to see people that I have listened to and hold in such high regard, in person.

More photos of the event and portraits of the VIP dinner attendees with the hosts will be available online by the end of this weekend.

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Dish photos are online

Photos from Second Harvest Heartland‘s Dish event are now online. You can view them here, under “Events.” It was a great evening supporting a great cause: ending hunger in the heartland. They really are a fabulous organization. For every $1 donated, they are able to distribute $9 worth of food to a family in need. An astonishing 96% of their budget goes directly to programs. If you’ve done any research on non-profit groups, you know how awesome that is.

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Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth Be With You!
Congregation: …and also with you!

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Louie and me…

Louie Anderson

What a fun night! Second Harvest Heartland‘s “Dish” event is always a blast, but this year was even better. For one thing, I wasn’t just a guest this year – I was volunteering as a photographer (more images to follow), which is always fun. Plus, one of my favorite entertainers of all time, Louie Anderson, was there. As a kid I had Louie at the Guthrie taped and watched it over and over and over. Needless to say, I was very excited when I saw that Louie was the headliner for the evening. When we were just about ready to leave for the night SHH’s Executive Director, Rob Zeaske asked I would mind taking a couple of photos of Louie… Let me think about that… OK! So I took some shots of Louie, Rob, Dawn Marie Nelmark (SHH) and Cookie and Char of Coleman Mason Events. Rob let Louie know that they raised over $367,000 to fight hunger that night and Louie starting a round of high-fives. Well, I was right there, so I put my hand up too and got a high-five from Louie Anderson. He asked my name, shook my hand and asked if I wanted a photo. Char was nice enough to take the below photo for me.
Shawn & Louie

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