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Apple to AT&T… we need to talk?

Just random speculation here (I have NO inside info), but I think Apple is done with their AT&T honeymoon. Apple is a company that prides itself on great customer service and creating rabid fans that do more promoting than their ad agency. AT&T doesn’t share that great reputation and for the last 2 years, Apple has had it’s flagship cool product shackled to a service with a less than stellar image. We hear rumors of AT&T wanting to extend their exclusive contract this and Apple wanting better terms for it’s customers that… and even rumors of Apple talking with other carriers, who’s names start with V. I don’t think the relationship is working. I believe there is some tension behind the scenes and the bitterness is starting to spill out. Three separate times during the WWDC keynote, it was blatantly pointed out that the iPhone has a cool new feature… that AT&T would not be supporting right away in the US. Apple could have just said that MMS and tethering required carrier support and not every carrier would support it right away – then left it up to the press releases and reporter questions to disseminate the details of who and when. But no, they specifically touted the number of carriers in the number of countries that would be supporting these features, and either flat-out stated or left it blatantly obvious that AT&T in the US was not on that list.
I believe that negotiations are not going well and Apple used the WWDC keynote to say to AT&T, “See, people don’t like you and they think you are being a dick. They would love it if we offered them another choice.” I don’t know exactly what kind of leverage Apple is hoping for. Do they want a bigger chunk of revenue sharing from AT&T? Do they really want to extend the exclusive contract? Or are they preparing their consumer base for the impending switch? “AT&T was not able to offer the services that our iPhone customers demanded…” kinda has a familiar ring to it. Now, where did I put that 3GHz G5 processor…?

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I am the Captain of the Pinafore…

…and a right good captain, too!
Well, for the first time in quite a while, I went to an audition last night night. And today I got a call asking if I wanted to join the cast of Woodbury Community Theatre‘s An Evening with Gilbert & Sullivan — and I even get to sing the Captain’s Song. The revue will feature songs from Trial by Jury and other G&S favorites. The show isn’t until September, but there are only 2 performances on the 12th and 13th, so mark your calendars now! Looking forward to working with old friends and being on stage again.

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