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What does this do?

Natalie figures out the bath tub faucet – in between bouts of getting Daddy wet!

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It’s the most wonderful time…

My wonderful wife Shawnee finished trimming the tree the other day. She sent me this picture from her iPhone. The combination of the light pattern on the wall and the iPhone’s stellar low-light performance created an almost painterly effect that I rather liked. The house is all decorated with garland and lights… although I still say the front porch could use a few more. Just call me “Clark!”

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Imagine my wife in a Mercury now…

Slacking on the posting again…
We bought a new car. Shawnee is now driving an ’09 Mercury Milan. Photo kiped from www.mercuryvehicles.com. Remote start has been installed now so she is happy and warm. The Olds was starting to have the little issues that older cars with 143,000 miles get (it’s now up north at Phil’s Used-Car-Auto-Lot-A-Rama). We started looking at slightly-used cars, but the deals are so good on new cars right now. It’s like they’re having a going out of business sale or something!

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Baby Grand Piano!

Even though she can’t quite say it, Natalie got her baby grand piano this weekend. It’s part Natalie’s birthday gift and part Shawnee’s Christmas present from Dennis and Tracy. It’s a Wurlitzer with a nice sound, but in need of some refinishing of the woodwork. I’ll start with the bench and see how that goes before I tackle the instrument itself. But, we applied some Old English that shined it up and hides a lot of the hairline cracks in the varnish. Also added to the Honey-do list is a bookshelf for all of the sheet music! It’s a perfect fit for the family room and we are just thrilled to have it in our home. Now, all of our playing friends will have to come visit and show us how it’s done!

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Minnesota Zephyr

Friday night, Shawnee and I celebrated the 4th anniversary of our marriage by taking a ride on the Minnesota Zephyr. It’s part dinner cruise, part dinner theatre and all nostalgia. They are once again talking about shutting down at the end of the year, so if you’ve been meaning to, now’s the time. The dinner is very nice and the singers lend some 1940’s charm. The Conductor is a sweet man with many more years of rail experience than I have roamed this globe. He took us up front to see the engineer at work as he controls the either of the 1500 or 1750 horsepower engine cars. Shawnee is blowing the whistle in the photo above. The trip takes about 3 hours to travel all of 6 miles and back, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your wine. I’m amazed that I was able to get her to the depot without guessing what I had planned, but even more amazed that this wonderful woman has stuck by my side this long, and intends to keep doing so. I count my blessings every night. I love you, Shawnee!

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Long Time, No Post…

OK, so I’m really not so good at this updating thing. Let’s see, we had a baby, but you knew that. We hosted Thanksgiving for our parents and my brother, so we didn’t have to drive. For Christmas, we did our usual driving all over the state to visit family, and still managed to host Christmas Eve Squared for our friends (though the weather dampened attendance, it did not dampen our spirits!); we got Bob married off (congrats!); I sang at Beanie’s Little Christmas party; Shawnee went back to work and we’ve been putting lots of miles on. Shawnee’s cousin provides free daycare, but she lives up in St. Michael. It’s a haul, but we know who is watching our baby, so for now, it’s worth it.
But, life hasn’t been completely fun either. Shawnee’s Dad recently made it public that he has prostate cancer. Last Monday, he had surgery that was going to result in either removal of the prostate, or detection of cancer in the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, it was the latter. So, the surgery was easier, but now he is going to undergo radiation and hormone treatment. Please keep Dennis, Tracy and their family in your prayers. Natalie gave us a little scare last weekend too. What was a little cough, ended up giving her fits and she was having breathing trouble, so we took her into the hospital in Duluth, and she tested positive for RSV – a virus with cold and fever symptoms. They kept her (and Shawnee) overnight to watch her oxygen levels and make sure her breathing was OK. She’s doing much better now, but they tell us the cough could linger for several weeks.
I’m sure I missed many noteworthy events, but we’ll just have to let that pass for now. Oh, I finally got the home theater together. Let us know if you want to come over for a movie. I will be canceling the Blockbuster subscription as soon as my AppleTV arrives!

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Natalie Rose Krueger

Our early arrival!

November 5, 2007

5lbs, 2oz.



…oh, healthy too!

Check out the Web Gallery!

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Vote for Baby!

Today’s the day it pays to be a regular reader of the blog!
I got a call from Shawnee today to see if I could pick her up NOW, as she thought her water might be breaking. We went to the hospital and sure enough…
The baby is facing down, water is broke and all is looking good so far. I’ll have more news soon.
Place your vote for boy or girl, because pretty soon we are going to spoil it for you!

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This elevator has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down…

It’s oh-so comforting to know that the elevators in the hospital are running Windows! Yikes. Anyway, we had a little scare last night, but everything is alright. You see, Shawnee is supposed to count how many times the baby moves in an hour, roughly an hour or two after dinner. If the baby doesn’t move 10 times, she’s supposed to call into the OB clinic. Last night was only 4 so she called in and was told to go to the hospital. So, into the car we went. But which hospital and where? Another phone call and three transfers later we found out where to go at Fairview Southdale. We got a little worried when it took the nurse a couple of minutes to find Mac’s heartbeat, but then everything was OK after an hour of monitoring. The nurse called our doctor to follow up, and then came in to give Shawnee a shot to settle down some of the contractions she has been having. Fine, but then we had to stay another hour and a half to monitor that the meds were working right and there was no reaction. Everything was fine, but it meant that we got home very late.

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We’re off to Chicago, but you can see what we are up to by checking out our Web Gallery throughout the weekend. This is my first attempt, so we’ll see how it works…

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