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Freedom Rocks!

Shot another event for CCHF on Friday night. They are group dedicated to protecting your freedoms and rights in all matters health care. This event was a little different. First of all, I got the call the morning of the event asking if I was available. It’s nice to be wanted, but advanced warning is always nice. This meant running home on my lunch break to get batteries charging, and delaying our trip up north by a few hours. Last minute planning aside, this was more of a party than a typical political fundraiser. The venue was crazy: “Retro Tonic” was the name given to this space that used to be six apartments. The building owner has converted it to an interconnected collection of party rooms, all with different themes. Everything from giant chess pieces, tiki huts and an up-north cabin room to a replica of the inside of the I Dream of Jeannie bottle. Every room was small and very dimly lit… and I was told that they wanted a bright look to the photos. So lots of flash, but we kept if off the camera and bounced it all around the room to keep it from being too harsh.
There was the obligatory speech block with Twila Brase (the force behind CCHF); radio personalities Sue Jeffers and Jason Lewis; MN State Senators David Hann and Gretchen Hoffman; and MN State Representatives Mary Liz Holberg, Mary Franson and Kathy Lohmer. They kept the speeches short, and then got back to the party, which featured Beatles tribute band Rubber Soul. Those lads rocked the house, er, apartments.
The highlight of the night was when Jason Lewis got up on stage and sang lead for the lads from Liverpool the Twin Cities to dedicate a song to our own Governor Dayton: “Back in the U.S.S.R.” After that, the band convinced Jason to do one more number and he sang again on “Get Back.”
The photos are now online. You can find them in our photo gallery under events.

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Townhouse for rent

Unfortunately, our renter has to move to Chicago, so we are searching for a new renter(s). We’ll see how much clean-up we need to do, but it should be available early-mid June. If you send us a referral that pans out, a finder’s fee may be in order… More details and some photos can be found here.
UPDATE: We are currently rented! Thanks for looking.

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Bobby Flay

So, the Food Network appears to be making the rounds at the MOA. Last weekend, Iron Chef Booby Flay was in town for his new book “Grill It!” He didn’t speak before the signing like AB did, but that’s OK… he really whipped through the line, and even started early. I asked him why AB didn’t get to try the food on Iron Chef. Bobby seemed slightly irritated that I was asking a question about a different Food Network personality, but responded “Because he doesn’t have any say it in. But, don’t worry… I feed him after the show.”

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AB and me!

Monday night I had the opportunity to meet Alton Brown, the host/creator/star of Good Eats on Food Network. Not a frequent viewer? Well, you should be. I’ll watch Alton even if he is working with coconut. Blech! But, he presents food in such an entertaining and informative way, that you just can’t help but expand your food knowledge. I had to work Monday at Apple… good news because it meant that I was close, but bad news because I couldn’t be there to stand in line for the book signing. My friend Minrod Mier to the rescue! He was in line and willing to get my book signed for me. At 9:15, I hadn’t seen him at the store with my book yet, so I went to investigate… As luck would have it, he was just about to the magic point in the line. So, I hopped back in, met AB, took some pictures of Minrod and his daughter Miranda, and he returned the favor – see above. I mentioned to AB that I was supposed to be working (thanks for the extra break time, Tom!) and I heard that he had been in the store earlier in the day. AB asked if I wanted him to sign my work shirt, so I took him up on it! He also shared that he would have bought a computer, but as he said, “your sales tax is too damn high.” I couldn’t agree more!

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This elevator has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down…

It’s oh-so comforting to know that the elevators in the hospital are running Windows! Yikes. Anyway, we had a little scare last night, but everything is alright. You see, Shawnee is supposed to count how many times the baby moves in an hour, roughly an hour or two after dinner. If the baby doesn’t move 10 times, she’s supposed to call into the OB clinic. Last night was only 4 so she called in and was told to go to the hospital. So, into the car we went. But which hospital and where? Another phone call and three transfers later we found out where to go at Fairview Southdale. We got a little worried when it took the nurse a couple of minutes to find Mac’s heartbeat, but then everything was OK after an hour of monitoring. The nurse called our doctor to follow up, and then came in to give Shawnee a shot to settle down some of the contractions she has been having. Fine, but then we had to stay another hour and a half to monitor that the meds were working right and there was no reaction. Everything was fine, but it meant that we got home very late.

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They Might Be up late…

took the First Avenue stage on Monday night for a late show. It worked out since I was working late at College Press and got downtown in the middle of the opening act – a 2-man band from Ireland called Oppenheimer. They were decent (a lot better than Corn Mo), but John, John and the band of Dans didn’t take the stage until after 10, so it was well after midnight when they finished. Oh well… to be young and stupid for just a bit longer! Other than the obligatory pot shot at our president, it was a really fun show. They opened with their venue song “FIrst Avenue Stage” and then went right into “Birdhouse…” They didn’t do James K. Polk, instead opting to launch confetti during their encore with “Dr. Worm”. Saw a couple people I know (hi to Amanda and Brian), but I found that drunk girls are very annoying when they dance into you repeatedly. Maybe I’m getting old.

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He did Albuquerque!

Sorry this took forever to get on the blog… But had to mention the “Weird Al” Yankovic concert. Awesome as usual! The man has so much energy. Although a lot of the new songs are parodies of a genre that just doesn’t interest me, they are still funny, even if I don’t know the tune. And his live show is a good mix of the old and new. Comcast digital cable subscribers can see his video “Trapped in the Drive Thru” for free in the music video section of OnDemand. Just make sure you have 12 minutes to kill! Al deviated from tradition and didn’t close with “Yoda” (first time ever, as far as I know – or at least since 1992). Instead he had it close to the end, but closed the regular set with “Fat” (pictured above), then came back out for an encore of what we were all waiting for: “We All Have Cell Phones, So Come On, Let’s Get Real!” WTF? Then, he did “Albuquerque!” OMG, was that cool. On the last tour, he only did that song in one place… I’ll let you guess where. It’s got to be rough on his voice, but it was so cool. The guy next to me was sure that I had recently been let out from the mental ward for actually knowing all of the words. Well, except for the extra donuts that he added…
Also of note, we saw Dennis DeYoung at the Fair. Now, I’ve seen Styx without Dennis and Dennis doing the music of Styx. He IS the mod-ren man…

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So much cooler online…

Well actually, Brad Paisley was so much cooler in person! One of my Christmas gifts to Shawnee was tickets to his concert last night at the Minnesota State Fair. The three opening acts were the very talented (and hot) Kellie Pickler (pictured, right), the young songwriter Taylor Swift (Teardrops on My Guitar) and Jack Ingram (*yawn*). The three openers had pretty normal sets, then the stage was cleared and all you saw a giant black tarp about halfway back. Then, Brad’s stage appeared instantly in all of the techno-glory pictured above. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but there were screens everywhere used for video, graphics, and just general “mood” lighting. He opened with “Online” and “Mud on the Tires,” had a very touching tribute to people who have recently (and some not-so-recently) passed including images of the Shuttle Challenger, the World Trade towers and Interstate 35W – although they incorrectly dated it as 8.2.07. He did a couple acoustic songs while the band took a break and showed us some of his computer animation skills with a Speed Racer parody staring “Zoom Paisley.” The set wouldn’t be complete of course without his hit “Alcohol” (pictured below) and the evening ended with some very impressive fireworks.

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Cub Spot

Just in case you missed (or couldn’t get enough of) Shawnee on the radio, we received a CD of the Cub ad from Olson. So I thought I would put them here online for your listening pleasure. Here are the outstate and cheeseland versions of the ads. Enjoy!

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Bringing MORE to our table…

This morning we had “the voice of Cub,” and three of her cohorts in our living room recording a radio spot starring Shawnee! She saw a commercial that said to call in and tell them what she likes at Cub and they picked her to do a radio spot. For her time, she gets a $100 Cub gift card and two Hormel Always Tender Pork Tenderloins, which happen to be buy one, get one FREE this week at Cub… available in a ton of flavors like teriyaki, peppercorn, BBQ, lemon pepper, cotton candy… OK, so I made that last one up, but you’ll hear all about it Thursday on the radio. They will send us a CD of the finished ad, so I’ll post it here for you to… well, hear! Just in case you don’t hear her on the air. They said it will play on Jack 104.1, KOOL 108, 105 and a few other stations.

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