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Blog By Night: The official blog of Fly By Night Graphics, Ltd.

Blog By Night

The official blog of Fly By Night Graphics, Ltd.          Serving the Twin Cities since Tuesday!

Fight hunger & get a deal on your wedding photography!

If you are looking for a way to give back, a fun evening out, some good eats, some laughter and/or a great deal on your wedding photography… then check out Dish: Cuisine for Change. Dish is the annual fundraiser gala for Second Harvest Heartland. Their mission is to end hunger in the heartland. Dish is a really fun event featuring some of the Twin Cities’ best chefs who let you sample dishes from their upscale restaurants. There is also wine and martinis, silent and live auctions and a performance by Minnesota native, and one of my all-time favorite comedians, Louie Anderson! The event is selling fast, so click the image above for more info today!

OK, so what does all this have to do with wedding photography, you ask? Well, it’s simple… Fly By Night Graphics, Ltd. is donating an $800 credit towards a wedding package. The bidding will start at $300… so you could save quite a bit of money and what you do spend will go towards a great cause. Even if the bidding gets up higher, you’re not out anything and SHH gets a nice donation. I will be at the event taking photos if you have any questions. Or feel free to contact me ahead of time.

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Feeling the Zen

Fly By Night Graphics, Ltd.We are in the process of switching our image hosting service. I had been using Pictage on a 6 month discounted trial basis. They have a lot to offer, but they charge quite a bit for everything. At the trial price, I could sustain a business, but once it kicks up their regular monthly fee, it’s just not going to be feasible. I can see it being a viable business plan for another studio that does much more volume than I do. Plus, their commissions on prints and products are on the high end for the industry… and just went up. So, over the last month or so, I did a lot of research on various services and settled on Zenfolio. If you happen to be in the market for online photo storage or marketing, use this referral code for a $5 discount: YSR-CAR-7SR. Still lots of uploading to do… broadband can only do so much in the up direction. More categories and events will be added as time permits. But, you can check out what we have so far here. Weddings are password protected – I tried to make them the same as they were before, if you had visited the old site. If you forgot or just want to check it out, shoot me an email.

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Time for some marketing…

Ryan & Tami MunnJust delivered the final prints and albums to Ryan an Tami last week. Such a fun couple. It was great to see them again and glad to hear that they are loving their new home in Andover (and over, and over again!). They really loved their album and the prints. Delivering product is so much fun… I really should do more of that. But, to do that I’ll need to get some weddings booked. And occasionally, to get more business, you need to do some marketing. I’ve decided to start “small” by targeting the Hutchinson area. It works out well since I get a lot of referrals through Jeni and my parents still live there, so free babysitters! I have an ad in the Bride’s Guide, which will come out in Hutch and Litchfield in the next week or so. Shawnee and I will also be at the Bridal Fair at the Hutchinson Event Center this Sunday. Should be fun. Need to get more sample prints ordered…

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Seth and Ronda sneak peek

Ronda and Seth were so much fun to work with. Shawnee and I had a great time shooting their wedding. I’m still editing through the images, but I wanted to give Seth and Ronda a sneak peek at some of my favorites so far. I just set up a new account that will let me do online print ordering, and it should go live next week. Read more to see some of the highlights from Seth and Ronda’s wedding…

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